WL//WH Track Of The Day: SAYAT NOVA (Zoltan Freitag & Mode In gliANY) “Le martyr sans étoiles”// “Poisoned ground of feelings”

Tracks Of The Day  SAYAT NOVA

The common fondness for Minimal Analogue Electronics, redolent of the early ’80s Cold Wave and Synth-Pop heydays, infused with crepuscular Post-punk, build the foundation of the mesmerising melancholy-laden greyscale sonic tapestries of vintage synthesizers and mechanical drum machines hued with the expressive tones of bass and guitar, concoct by the musical project between Turin-based  Zoltan Freitag and Northern Brittany-based Boris Völt, aka Mode In gliANY under the Sayat Nova moniker.

The new double single opens with “The Martyr Without Stars”,  inspired by the romantic relationship between Vladimir Majakovskij and Lilja Jur’evna Brika, a thoughtful poem about misfortune, fate, and desire featuring Mode In gliANY on Vocals and Guitar and Zoltan Freitag on electronics.

A somber, intense synth-pop number with a French danceable flair, bouncing and clattering out through an introspective haze led by dry steady snare beats, sparse rattling percussions, buzzing oscillating basslines, and Jacno-tinged tinkly keys, to swirl wistful and desolate melodies, stirred by vibrant guitar flourishes, around darkly dreamy vocals, softly aching and longing in fading breathes of passion.

On the other side, laced with the most penetrating and earnest vocal delivery of  Zoltan Freitag, “Poisoned Ground of Feelings” deals with the pain, confusion, and moodiness of coming to grips with the complexity of one’s own behaviour.

Slanted to ’80s British Post-punk-tinted, mysterious and emotion-charged glum ambiences, the song layers relentless tight, lashing snare beats, intermittent clattering percussive hits, and resonant moody basslines, with an obsessive meandering web of agonizing simmering arpeggiated guitar melodies, surrounded by uncanny reverberant bell tolls and chilling glassy chimes, whilst echoing dramatic baritone vocals brood in anger and suffering, amid haunting shadows of distressful lingering memories.

The creative artistic bond between two dedicated heartfelt explorers of ghostly, cold, and introspective synth-driven drifts shrouded in haunted mystery and existential melancholy, never fails to intrigue our imagination.

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The Colour of Pomegranates, Sergei Parajanov, 1969


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