WL//WH Review: The Seventh Wonder of THEN COMES SILENCE in The New “Trickery” LP [Metropolis Records]


On April 5, the Swedish post-punks Then Comes Silence published their brand new “Trickery” LP through Metropolis Records, and it is probably the most important album for the band, maybe their best album so far, and a work of particular importance by all means. It is their 7th album, and in my ears, it is their 7th wonder in their course, filled with 12 new sonic bullets created by the band’s nonnegotiable majesty and quality.

You will find the following words/quotes on Bandcamp:

Have you ever wondered what triumph over adversity sounds like?… The band’s existential crisis also resulted in a re-assessment of their very raison d’être, and this is reflected lyrically on the new album. Then Comes Silence explains that ‘Trickery” celebrates friendship, unity, and the feeling of belonging to a group, a tribe.

All this is evident throughout the new album, from the meaning of the cover to their relentless music to the lyrics, and to all the rest that surrounds such a work. They also inform us that their new album was recorded in only 3 days and this, my dears, is evident throughout the album; with non-stop grooves all over, the punk feel spread across the entire record, with shining artistic health and the mood to rediscover their own band.

These incidents in the life of a band usually have two outcomes; either they will continue like rock stars reproducing their laurels, or they will rediscover the deeper reasons that they are together as a band, as a tribe. In any other case, they disband. In our case now with the new album by Then Comes Silence, things have taken an impressive turn forward (and I’m not even suggesting they’ve ever lost their inspiration), and present a record straight out of their wildest dreams even for themselves. I think that in those 3 days in the studio, the new sharpness of the band was captured, their momentum, and all the answers mainly to themselves – and this topic certainly concerns us too as they are one of the greatest bands in the genre (and we are happy altogether).

I don’t want to write now what I heard on the disc, it’s not really necessary, and you don’t need me to describe the “Trickery” LP, but I listened to the best version of the band (and this was like a gift to me). I must say that they will continue to perform live in the world and you have to see them on stage – we have the Athens’ (GR) experience a while ago and if you miss them, it doesn’t matter, you missed one of the best bands of the modern post-punk era – you choose. Last, I want to mention the names that you will find in the album as their guests (or additional musicians if you prefer); Dusty Gannon (Vision Video), Emma Nylén (Emmon), Gözde Duzer (Aux Animaux), Jörgen Wall (Whale, Thåström, among others).

Show them your love, press play, and listen loud. Here we go!!!

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Written by Loud Cities’  Mike