WL//WH Review: The Enchanting New Album “Through The Chaos” by ECHOBERYL


On May 3, Echoberyl from Paris released their grand new opus “Through The Chaos” LP via Mother Solitude Records and Icy Cold Records. The band consists of  Adriano Iacoangeli (music, production, mixing, mastering), and Cecilia Dassonneville (vocals, lyrics) who, for a few years already, have provided us with some of the most exciting stories spread out in the darkwave sound. The new album has 14 songs (including 3 bonus tracks) to die for in the likes of their enchanting mix of dark romanticism and grounded electro-oriented music.

I read in the press release (which you can also find on Bandcamp) the whole idea and the ‘stories’ regarding their new work:

“It is a very personal work, the result of a commitment of at least two years spent recording rough tracks, writing songs (and then throwing them in the garbage), experimenting with synths, making a DIY electronic drum kit, purchasing old synths in the second-hand markets of Paris…Those who know us, those who know our music, know that we prefer to talk about the present in a “transposed” form. We prefer to tell fictional stories to say something else”.

Several distinctive features make Echoberyl stand out and possibly one-of-a-kind. Among these, the most significant is undoubtedly the clarity and immediacy of their message, both in their music and lyrics (in fact, their lyrics alone could fill a book). They are one of the most serious acts in the scene proven by the even greater popularity and acceptance they get from all the dedicated radios and magazines, but also (and most importantly) from all the world in the dark alternative front. We are used to Echoberyl‘s style and their new album shows inexhaustible inspiration and mood to guide us through their dark stories, out into the light of uneven life.

The entire album is a manifestation of their perspective on what we love to listen and dance to – in poems irresistible, simple, and ‘dangerous’, all upon the rails of the darkwave, coldwave, EBM, synthpop, minimal, and all sooooo groovy, as Cecilia‘s fragile, and sometimes pale voice, frames Adriano‘s electro-industrial reflections in a final motion of pure gothic modernism.

So, I wrote all I had to say about the enchanting “Through The Chaos” new LP by Echoberyl, here it is (show them your love and try to find the other striking tune in there that starts with “If I Breathe I Cry…..“)!!!

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