WL//WH Track Of The Day: HODO GAIA 保土谷化 “Collarbones”

Track Of The Day  HODO GAIA 保土谷化   

Summoned by the elders of Krautrock and re-defining their sound through occult rituals and old witchcraft, Hodo Gaia 保土谷化 gives a first glimpse into a captivating soundscape with their debut single “Collarbones.”

Munich, Southern Germany-based five-piece Hodo Gaia create a warm and enveloping stir-up of heady otherworldly states of mind and imaginative cinematic ambiences, through an arcane, organic alchemy of Krautrock, Psychedelia and exotic flavours laced with Aiko Blumer‘s spellbinding vocal delivery and a strong emphasis on melody.

Propulsive hypnotic motorik beats along with sinuously rubbery bass grooves pulse seamlessly towards blurry, recondite transcendental horizons, imbued with voluptuous and enthralling atmospheric scents drawn by rippling buzzy sitar melodies, in a droning concoction of swirly sensorial resonances and entrancing reverberations, on which float dreamy flirtatious vocals breathlessly tease, then rise into incomprehensible giggles and seductive spoken words, to arouse emotive sparkling spirals, pouring obsessively between the liquid light layers of an endlessly alluring, yet subtly restless, daydream.

Hodo Gaia‘s first limited  7″ vinyl single, “Collarbones”, is out now via fellow Munich-based music label Permakultur Schallplatten.

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