WL//WH Review: The Amazing “Minimum Security” New LP by PRINZESSIN [TONN Recordings]


Nicolas Fournial aka Prinzessin

The first release from the home of select synth record label TONN Recordings (Belfast) for 2024 is the amazing new album “Minimum Security” by French synth wizard Nicolas Fournial (Nantes) aka Prinzessin. The album was released on January 4 and has 8 brand new tracks and synth-tales of high-energy cold wave music and in 2 of them the lyrics are by Richard Anderson of This Is The Bridge and Justine NABTA.

There is a characteristic throughout the whole record that made me happy with the intelligence of this artist, although he didn’t create a particularly ‘adventurous’ record, he made sure to incorporate some ‘small sonic adventures’ into each track. These surprises, shakes, or sparks added up to create an amazing work overall in the likes of minimal synth electronic music. There are many moments in the album, where you are used to a song, and something is added, some filter, some kind of automation, which really takes off the whole situation, and here you need knowledge and talent in order not to fall into a ‘rocky road’ but also the element of surprise but without becoming repetitive.

Very nice ideas, very complete musical proposals, and a rather strict style in the approach to his music, all with very interesting navigation from minimal synth to the cold wave streams. And yeah, the record is danceable from start to finish (and with a big surprise in the last track)…

…the closing track of the album is the title song “Minimum Security” where Prinzessin discloses one hell of an experiment; the utterly minimal approach of music that is based on the blend of electroclash with the ‘industrialism’, in a piece so pressing and sonically speaking…a dystopic ‘narrative’…our beautiful, angelic world. If you want to learn more about Prinzessin, please go to Tonn Recordings Journal and read about his influences and more.

“In the second of our Ten Songs series, from 80s Acid House and Synth Pop, to 90s Grunge and Electroclash, Nicolas Fournial of Prinzessin, takes us on a journey through the music that has excited, inspired and influenced him over the last two decades”…click HERE.

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike