WL//WH Premiere: CHROME CORPS “Body Attestation” [Next Wave Acid Punx DEUX – Secret Cuts // Eskimo Recordings]


One of the compilations of 2023 “Curses’ Next Wave Acid Punx DEUX” saw the Berlin-based Musician and DJ explore the darker side of club music, bringing together 49 tracks that joined the dots between early Industrial pioneers, EBM legends, and Post-punk bands with some of the most exciting artists around today.

But it was not over, Curses still kept something special from his clubland’s gothic vaults, and here is the encore “Next Wave Acid Punx DEUX – Secret Cuts”, with 11 bonus tracks that all deserve their own moment in the strobe light, featuring the likes of Ghost Cop, Paresse, Nuovo Testamento, You Man, plus a new Curses track and Redux version, making Secret Cuts a worthy companion piece.

Curating Next Wave Acid Punx DEUX was a big puzzle, figuring out how to fit all these tracks across 6 different 12″s required a lot of calculations and, to be quite frank, I was never that great at maths. Unfortunately, this meant we had to cut some real heaters off of DEUX. But Eskimo and I decided that we couldn’t let these gems go to dust. I’ve been DJing them loads in my sets, so it was only fair to share them with y’all to DJ and rage to yourselves. So, here it is… the final blast of bonus tracks for Next Wave Acid Punx DEUX: Secret Cuts.explains Curses

WL//WH is pleased to welcome Seattle‘s dystopic industrialist act Chrome Corps, who ceaselessly explore ever-evolving high-energy Electro-Techno and EBM sonic realms, this time peppered with old school Hip-Hop elements, powered by an impactful combination of relentless whipping drum programming along with rumbling crackling bassline syncopations and mercurial rolls of crispy and tinny hitting percussions, jolted by a swirling array of shimmering and noisy synth riffs, over urgently frenetic vocals, assaulted by a whirlwind of off-kilter back-up aggressions, making for an absolute compulsive dance burner.

“Curses presents Next Wave Acid Punx DEUX – Secret Cuts”, the additional digital 11-track bonus volume to the Eskimo Recordings‘ compilation series curated by Luca Venezia a.k.a. Curses, is scheduled for release on February 07, 2024, available at this link: https://cursesforever.bandcamp.com/album/next-wave-acid-punx-deux-secret-cuts

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