WL//WH Premiere: WL//WH Premiere: KAMA MUTA “Δύτης / Diver” off the debut LP “ΟΙ ΦΩΝΕΣ ΚΑΗΚΑΝ” [Dystatik]

WL//WH Premiere  Kama Muta  DYSTATIK

Greek DIY label DYSTATIK, run by Athenian DJ/producer dry_feel, presents the Darkwave duo from Thessaloniki, Greece, founded by tristixia and sofia spyridonidou, named Kama Muta.

On their debut album, “ΟΙ ΦΩΝΕΣ ΚΑΗΚΑΝ” (Voices got burned), the band introduces us to 8 +1 bonus (digital only) tracks, fluctuating from Synth Pop to Darkwave and from Minimal Synth to Synth Punk sounds, at the same time, the lyrics unfold in an allegorical story within a dystopian setting. An infinite buzz in a boundless echo. 8 times that the voices get burned.

“A diver stares at a fire victim

forcing him to sink…

then burning together”

WL//WH is pleased to premiere “Δύτης / Diver”, an off-kilter dystopian allegory, introduced by sad ceremonial glowing keyboard swells, unfolds over the resounding rhythms of tight crashing drum beats, and tense buzzing bassline pulses, surrounded by alarming glaring synth vortexes, to coalesce in an obsessive dramatic backdrop for ominous spoken word vocals, rising, albeit briefly, in terror as an attempt to save another tragically fails for both.

Kama Muta‘s digital debut album, “ΟΙ ΦΩΝΕΣ ΚΑΗΚΑΝ”, is out now, Cassette & Digital, via the DYSTATIK Label Bandcamp

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