WL//WH Premiere // HERR WADE: A Down Under Christmas Featuring MARK MONNONE “Monnone Alone T-Shirt”

WL//WH Premiere HERR WADE featuring Mark Monnone

The critically acclaimed Norwegian-German pop duo Herr Wade has been making waves since 2022, delivering a plethora of infectious pop tunes. Jørn O. Åleskjær (known for his work with The Loch Ness Mouse and Monobird, Swart Vredag) and Sebastian Voss (The Fisherman and his Soul, Nah…, Lancaster) live and breathe music. Their songs are often first-take recordings, capturing the raw essence of their creative process. These tracks are the realization of their diverse sketches, which they share with each other in a ping-pong style, fostering a unique collaborative approach.

Having released two albums, numerous EPs, and singles, Herr Wade took their music global with the virtual world tour,WorldWideWadeland, last year. Each month, they released a single inspired by a different region, journeying through California, France, Italy, Greece and Scandinavia. To add an authentic touch, the band invited local friends to write and perform vocals in their native languages for the ‘A-side’ of each single. Now, after an exciting musical journey, Herr Wade has arrived in Australia.

Downunder, they were warmly embraced by their mate Mark Monnone (of Monnone Alone and The Lucksmiths fame) who interpreted their wonderfully catchy single Monnone Alone T-Shirt.” The song humorously captures the middle-aged struggle of a guy whose band t-shirt no longer fits him properly after indulging in a Christmas feast (a relatable experience for many…at least for both of the Herr Wade guys).

“Monnone Alone T-Shirt” pays homage to Australian legends Men at Work and also incorporates the brass-driven Brit-funk janglepop sound reminiscent of Haircut 100. Additionally, it encompasses the pop magic of Lemonheads meets Juliana Hatfield, thanks to the vocal support from Jørn’s sister, Gerd Lovise Åleskjær.

The song constructs vibrant, exuberant, and lush layers of jazzy sax blows, whimsical guitar strings, triumphant trumpet blasts, elastic bouncy bass lines, sparse clattering percussions, and upbeat drum beats to rouse angsty downtrodden vocals, bummed about a “Monnone Alone T-shirt” not fitting, into a cheering work-out dance chant with Gerd Lovise Åleskjær.

An impressive collection of music t-shirts worn by Mark Monnone and crew, touting comedic facial expressions and prominent belly shots, syncs perfectly with the overstuffed Christmas theme of the soundtrack. You will surely crack a smile as strategic posturing and camera angle manipulation help to exaggerate the holiday bulge under a nostalgic remembrance veil of groovy vintage bands.

As the “WorldWideWadeland” tour draws to a close, Herr Wade is preparing to release a compilation double CD in March of this year. This collection will feature all the singles, B-sides, and some bonus tracks, encapsulating the diverse musical journey they embarked upon. Following this release, the duo is excited to embark on new adventures in 2024, pushing the boundaries of their creativity even further. Stay tuned for more captivating tunes from Herr Wade!

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