WL//WH Track of The Day: MOONVAMPIRE “Suicide”


Moonvampire is a newcomer young project from a “Son of the Night” apparently from Slovakia, albeit I wouldn’t bet on that, with a fair handful of well-produced impressive singles/EP under his belt as of last July, whose dark, cold yet emotional sound lingers between ghostly, immersive and depressive realms of atmospheric goth-wrenched Darkwave and dire moody Post-punk with invigorating scraps of Grunge and Shoegaze, dealing with somber and tragic tales, laced with a profound and introspective melancholy and gothic romance, about desperate souls, darkness, flames, blood and, above all, vampires.

In Moonvampire’s latest single, “Suicide”, a sad alienated soul enjoys a special bond with another whilst contemplating suicide.

“Suicide” is built around a broody, densely plangent meandering bassline, punctuated by repetitive punchy drum beats, that spins hopeless throbs of bleak desolation, stabbed by wistful brassy blows resonating in the murk with wistful obsessive affliction, insinuated with doomy dim synth drifts, to encircle lost, numb and haunted spoken word vocals, casting dry echoes of pain into a dire gloomy headspace of forlorn moods.

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