WL//WH Review: The Grand Ritual of “The S-Witch” LP by OHNE NOMEN


On July 28, Ohne Nomen (Italy) released their long-anticipated new album “The S-Witch” LP through Cold Transmission Music (Germany), following the “Nightflower” (2021) debut album that made a significant impact, Fra ‘Ange Noir’ Marlat, and Philippe Marlat,  decided that it was now time to delve deeper in their electro-darkwave matter. The outcome is a truly remarkable new album consisting of 11 songs with the most captivating and mysterious vibes, all in the likes of the dying-on-the-dancefloor music. The first official video from this album came out about 3 months ago as a warning…see the “Darkness” and I’ll be back in a bit…

I read on Bandcamp that the ingredients of the new album are: straight beats, harsh basses, and sharpened synths with Francesca’s voice which gets colder and sensual singing about magic, but also real life, relationship, and feelings. I couldn’t agree more with that but I must also inform you that the awesomeness of the band also hides an ultra-addictive crossover of the Italian darkwave school of fine electronic dark music; electro through the cold wave and the darkwave of the ages too. If you listen closely to the grand ritual of the “The S-Witch” LP you will clearly understand that these two Italian siblings are honoring not only their musical influences but also the Italian wave as a masterclass to all the darkwavers of the world. Now, check “Thelema” official video which is a very commanding track by all means…

All I can say (and write) about their new work is that we have a complete motion by the band, regarding the music and the lyrics, and all mixed and mastered for a reason; to present a very beautiful and instantly danceable record that is dressed in the proper garment – the darkwave electro. I am also so pleased to find out that the album does not address only the ‘trained’ ears of the suffering souls of our genre but its immediacy will eventually attract new kids in the pitch that are looking for fresh material for their darkwave education, plus that it is the kind of music that I can disappear in on the dancefloor very late AM. All these things deliver high-quality dark music and an album that when Loud Cities radio show starts again in September will play several tracks from it because it is simply a killer release; very fresh sounding, seductive, and so groovy and dark until the end. Here it is (Digital or CD in 6-panel Digipack plus lyrics booklet) and listen to it loud, please (be careful with your ears, don’t use headphones all the time)!!!

Ohne Nomen‘s new album, “The S-Witch”, LP is out now in Ltd. Digipack CD and Digital formats, through Cold Transmission Music.

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike

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