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This summer I’ll be out of Athens again to work all the season. The ‘Fragments’ column will replace my ‘Reviews’ section until I get back to my base. There are some new releases that we think should be heard (at least) and of course, it is our obligation to the artists who trust us with their EPKs. Throughout the whole long summer will be ‘Fragments’ in WL//WH to assist these remarkable artists, and also you who are looking for new stuff from the body of the greater dark alternative front. Summer with good company and cold beers…from your loudspeakers, and loud, please!!!

  • MERCYLANE “Mayday” EP [Self-Released]

On June 27, MERCYLANE from Arizona self-released their new opus “Mayday” EP with 4 new songs that are spanning from the music of the deserts to the alt-country realm and on toward the gothic folk shelter. Such a nice record with an amazingly balanced sound all over and of course, with lyrics that hide stories to tell at night. I found this on their Bandcamp: “Mayday comes with a bonus 23 page (pdf only available on Bandcamp) photo booklet giving you a glimpse into this world I’ve been navigating and some of the environments that inspired the music”, and I must say that the booklet is truly awesome without, however, surpassing their music, but an accompaniment of a special aesthetic that is basically full of sounds and events dipped in the malt gothic art!!!

  • AUX ANIMAUX Night digital single + video [Self-Released]

The “Night” new digital single by Aux Animaux from Stockholm was released on July 7. With undeniable talent in narrating her hauntwave visions upon the cold, dark synth music she is after, Gözde (Aux Animaux) is offering now a classic hit to the dedicated dancefloors of the world, plus “mix and mastering done by Doruk Öztürkcan from She Past Away with whom she has been touring in the spring”. Want more?….press play!!!

  • THIS IS THE BRIDGE New English Pastoral LP [Self-Released]

This Is The Bridge (London) began in 2013, exploring a ‘primitive electronic’ DIY sound using mainly analog synthesizers. We know him well and he knows us too. In his brand new album “New English Pastoral”, released July 16, he mainly explores other urban sonic scapes but still in the likes of the coldwave, synthpunk, and minimal (huge) waves. With 11 new tracks, The Bridge now sounds as if he is deconstructing what he has been working on for so long or as if he is rebuilding his own electro-construction. This requires courage, and it also requires a commitment to all the circuits that he is using forever and ever. Brilliant work again by a very alternative and so surprising electronic musician!!!

  • FINGERLESS “Love, Death, & Prices” LP [4000 Records]

The 4th release by Brisbane’s own act Fingerless was released on July 20 by 4000 Records (Brisbane, Australia). “Love, Death, & Prices” LP is a simply stunning offering by one of Australia’s most important and groovy acts. Here you will hear and listen and sense the great Australian school of rock and roll (babe) but with lovely, twisted keen-on psych rock music that they blend with garage rock orientations and a few other things that I won’t tell you because I desperately need you to at least check this album, yeah, and loud, please!!!

  • THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH “Another Country” official video from the forthcoming “Nostalgia’s Glass” LP [Fuzz Club Records]

August 14th marks the release of the new “Nostalgia’s Glass” LP from Manchester-born, Berlin-based post-punk group The Underground Youth, through Fuzz Club Records. Two songs from the album are already revealed and I must simply say that I can’t wait for another few days until we are able to enjoy the new work by one of the most cult and talented and amazing and all, bands in Europe. Well, “Another Country” is already on repeat and we’ll see all again regarding The Youth when the time comes, until then enjoy it, loud!!!

I’ll see you again with the next #Fragments_Vol.5

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