WL//WH Premiere: HANGING FREUD Construct a Haunting Ethereal Realm in “Falling Tooth”


WL//WH is very pleased to welcome Hanging Freud, the unpredictable Glasgow-based genre-defying Experimental Electronica production duo made up of São Paulo-bred Paula Borges and London‘s Jonathan Skinner, back to the blog with a DIY Video Premiere for “Falling Tooth”, the first single off their 7th studio album “Worship”, via the new collaboration with Spleen+ (the recently launched Post-punk sublabel of Alfa Matrix) and their own imprint Tiny Box.

Paula’s vocals are dark, haunting, almost glacial, her enunciation is both plaintive and full of echoing fragile grace. While the cinematic music warps them all in a melancholic ethereal cocoon made of mechanical funeral melodies, icy minimal sequences and suffocating synth atmospheres.”

A compelling display of the duo’s experimental refined attitude to coalesce multifaceted atmospheric, cold and dark sound nuances, as insightful as it is haunting “Falling Tooth” slowly builds a shadowy and introspective enveloping ambiance, gliding over a snappy and foreboding metronomic ticking pace, whirring low ends and harsh piercing reedy keyboard melodies, sprawling eerily over beautifully bewitching, fragile yet strong crushed crystalline vocals, confessing an urgent need to possess another’s heart in order to feel complete, amid swirling droning distorted swarms of dire adoration and ritualistic desire.

Immersive, psychological, and disturbing DIY visuals blend murky underwater visions with symbolic objects and a hard-to-see human figure, to strobe in sync with the ominous pulses of the soundtrack. Semi-translucent microscopic creatures overlay a strange masked face, whilst anxious clock transitions, dim phosphorescent lighting, and shapeshifting shadows transform space and time into an eerie liminal realm where self-discovery takes place.

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