WL//WH Premiere: PARKER LEFTLOVER Perform a Surreal Supernatural Seduction in “The Race”


©Nikita-Thévoz photography

Hailing from Vevey, Switzerland, Parker Leftlover is the alias of fine purveyors of ‘Bedroom Music for Lovers’ Nikita & Jonas, who reveals the first single, “The Race”, from the band’s first EP “Average songs for sad people”, scheduled to be released on June 30 via Oh, Sister and Bleu Lagon Records.

The duo crafts an enticing, and deeply emotive, vaguely Psychedelic, blend of atmospheric Synth-pop, driving trip-hop, downtempo rhythmic patterns and lo-fi flair.

A song full of humor and emotion, “The Race” is beautifully produced between Garageband and the “Ritmo Studio” in Leysin, as equally ably imagined by Jerome Lichtsteiner‘s videoclip, WL//WH is pleased to premiere.

Between neon lights and candles, two somewhat helpless Dracula enthusiasts meet in the middle of the night for a date. What nonsensical reason has brought them to this is not entirely clear. Plastic keyboards and rhythm machines like those found in old electronic organs play. The groove tries to recall Bossa Nova, but fails to do so. The duo dances their cult in rock n roll style: an homage to lost memories, forgotten love, new enthusiasm and melancholy. Tears once rolled down their cheeks in a race, but now only the rain remembers.

Warm seductive, stirring moods suffuse a lilting mating ritual of crispy and groovy syncopated percussions, sinuously vibrant warm bass palpitations, and passionate prickly guitar melodies, haunted by swirling glaring layers of warped icy bright synth strains, to underlie sad, misunderstood female vocals, confessing an intimate fantasy into the hot amorous outflows of secret desire.

Beautifully dramatic visuals, directed by Jerome Lichtsteiner with the assistance of Cédric Souaille on camera and lights, mirror the super stylish and memorable scene from Pulp Fiction, where John Travolta and Uma Thurman cast edgy flirtatious suggestions into a romantic dance duel. A deserted urban night backdrop sets the stage for an intoxicating orchestration of dim neon atmospheric mists, supernatural hints and symbols, and on-point choreography to sync seamlessly with the sensual incantations of the soundtrack.

Parker Leftover‘s debut EP “Average songs for sad people”, is due out on June 30 as a co-release between Oh, Sister and Bleu Lagon Records.

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©Nikita-Thévoz photography