XTR HUMAN injects “Maximum Gothic Dance Energy” into his first WIE EIN GOTT Records Party [June 16th, 2023 at Berlin’s Urban Spree]

WL//WH Interview XTR HUMAN  

Berlin denizen Johannes Stabel a.k.a. XTR HUMAN brings a leather-wrapped hammer through muscular Industrialized beats, stabbing EBM basslines and wintry emotive Coldwave shivers, enriched by his breathy thrusting broods, to the burnt strobes, grime-soaked venues and decadent Gothic vibrancy of Berlin nightlife. The incoming first party of his up-and-coming DIY label WIE EIN GOTT Records, in collaboration with his fellow DARK AGE, on 16.06.2023 at Urban Spree, is definitely an event, bursting with high energy and raw emotion, not to be missed if you are around. I had an introductory chat with Johannes about it and some of his other projects.

  • Let’s talk about the evolution of your project XTR Human, through which I knew you, at first Post-punk, Cold Wave even Indie Rock for a very short time if I’m not mistaken, then the Electronic, Industrial, and EBM rhythms, above all, took over…

Over the last 10 years, I’ve been on a bit of a musical journey. The biggest cut for me, however, was in 2020, when I had enough time in the Lockdown to reflect on what I really wanted musically. At that time I had just finished the album “INTERIOR” with a lot of effort. I quickly realized that I wanted to invest my time more effectively in music production in the future. Then I quit my rehearsal room, sold my guitar amps and pedals and built a music studio at home. Step by step, I moved towards EBM, Industrial with every track I wrote.

  • In June 2022 WIE EIN GOTT was born for ‘maximum gothic dance energy’ What triggered the idea of starting a label? Did you have any current or past DIY labels as a model or inspiration?

I’ve worked with a lot of artists in the last few years with XTR HUMAN and thought it would be cool to release a compilation where I get all the artists together and everyone contributes a track. It wasn’t really planned to make it an ongoing project. However, I soon realized that it was a lot of fun and the first ideas for further releases came quickly. The good feedback on the first release encouraged me to continue. I was also helped and inspired by my friend Kevin from CRAVE TAPES.

  • How much does the Berlin environment influence you and is it reflected in your music?

I would say a lot. Berlin with its rich techno and gothic nightlife is great, but it can also be brutal and absolutely disturbing and depressing. That’s definitely a big influence on my new XTR HUMAN stuff and one of the reasons why my tracks are going further and further towards into harsh territories aka industrial and EBM.

  • What is your balance after just over a year of activity, and what will be the future developments? What are the releases that have most satisfied you both as XTR Human and a label up to now?

Oh, I am super happy. A year ago I would never have imagined that the label would develop so well. I’m about to release my 6th album on the label and am already preparing the next 3. So far, I’m very happy with every single release. With XTR HUMAN I have released less in the last few months, a few singles and a New Order cover. I’ve been working on the new album for a while now, so it’s been a bit quieter here. But the first single with a video is coming soon. And the album will probably be released in 2024.

  • Let’s talk extensively about your next live event in Urban Spree Berlin on June 16th, that you’re organizing, which will involve your WIE EIN GOTT records together with DARK AGE, a real label showcase, combining live acts and Dj-sets.

This will be my first major event that I organize. That’s why I’m really looking forward to it. I’m very happy that my friends from DARK AGE are co-hosting, so it won’t be so overwhelming. Urban Spree was also the first venue where I played with XTR HUMAN in Berlin. So it’s a good match. As live acts, we have VOID PALACE with his Berlin debut show and Ultraviolet from Berlin. I will also be playing some new tracks with XTR HUMAN in my live set. We will be supported by Desolate Discotheque (CRAVE TAPES), PRIMARY (Fleisch), MISS ADDAMS and HANZEL (TIQ Berlin).

  • Thanks for being our welcome guest, could you suggest to us some bands/artists that should not be missed, and also if you have anything to add…

Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of Spike Hellis, Abby Knives, Curses, Chrome Corps, Mvtant, Black Light Odyssey and Nuxx Vomica.

Berlin label WIE EIN GOTT and DARK AGE have teamed up to present a top-notch line-up that is sure to impress.
🐊 HANZEL (TIQ Berlin)


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