WL//WH Premiere: THE JULIES’ Dreamy Immersive Vision “My Heaven Is A Dancefloor”


The Julies were — and somehow are again — an American Alternative/Indie Guitar band that mixes influences from ’80s Post-punk and New Wave with ’90s Shoegaze, Indie Rock and Britpop to create music that was, in the case of 1996’s Lovelife EP at least, singularly magical.

More than twenty years later, the cult classic status of “Lovelife”, which encapsulated the best bits from the 80s/90s Guitar-Pop sound, was solidified with a vinyl reissue by the independent record label Lost in Ohio, along with the digital release of the previous 1995‘s 6-track collection of demos “January”, which prompted most part of the band, namely Alex Yost (Guitar, Synths), Patrick Zbyszewski (Guitar, Bass, Synths), and Chris Newkirk (Vocals, Words), to reunite and start composing and recording again, with the contribution of Kyle Pulley (formerly of Thin Lips), at Philadelphia’s Headroom Studios.

After last June’s compelling first single in 27 years, “Symmetry”, which unveiled a band even more mature and refined, as almost three decades never passed, WL//WH is very pleased to host the premiere of the Official Video, created by Jef Caine, for their dreamy romantic second release My Heaven Is A Dancefloor.

Underpinning the cloud-high work of guitarists Alex Yost and Patrick Zbyszewski is a chugging, danceable bass line from co-producer Kyle Pulley (formerly of Thin Lips). Because you gotta have that bass if you’re going to get your dance on. Even in the afterlife. Well, that’s the band’s theological assertion, at least.

The Morrissey flavoured gentle dancin’ reverie, “My Heaven Is A Dancefloor”, flares a mellow euphoria of urgent skipping drum beats, hip-swaying basslines, glistening guitar ripples, sparkling echoes, and gentle, heartfelt breathless vocals, to immerse the listener in a dim neon fantasy of smoky nostalgic dancefloor moods veiled by a flickering ether of wafting sidereal resonances, iridescent reverberations and shimmering mists, to caress the body with serene, fluffy sensations of eternal whimsical bliss.

The song is inspired by memories of the dance party that was singer Chris Newkirk’s wedding reception as well as years of indie and alternative dance nights. According to Chris, the single is sort of an imagining of an inclusive, celebratory afterlife akin to our best moments on the dance floor.

The hypnotic visuals by Jef Caine blend uplifting lyrics, purple glows, and symbolic animations with interpretive sequences to sync seamlessly with the sentimental vibes of the soundtrack whilst suggestive shadows, spinning disco ball reflections, and endless cosmic visions take the viewer on an ecstatic journey of late night freedom and joy.

The Julies‘ new single, “My Heaven Is a Dance Floor”, via Lost In Ohio label, is available from July 21 on Bandcamp and all digital streaming platforms. Pre-save link.

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Photo by Bryan Sheffield