WL//WH New Music: VACÍOS CUERPOS “Sácame De Aquí”


Mexican New Wave/ Post-Punk duo from Oaxaca, Vacíos Cuerpos returns to the blog with a thought-provoking DIY video, by Ojos De Perro, for the latest single “Sácame De AquíGet Me Out of Here”, to announce the soon-to-be-released second EP, “Hoy Solo Quiero Odiar / I Just Want to Hate”, due out on July 28th, furthering the band’s powerful exploration into the dark subconscious condition of separating from reality to avoid harm.

Psychic lyrics describe the inner thoughts of a lost, frightened soul whose only wish is to get away, lest he lose himself, from the relentless infliction of another’s oppressive pain.

Dire, vibrant, bleeding sentiments pour into steady urgent beats, hollow crisp percussions, ominous droning bass line pulses, and urgent icy bright swirling synth melodies, to drown out soft, withdrawn, ghostly vocals, with a brutal rising chaos of intense external strikes

“Hoy Solo Quiero Odiar” EP cover artwork

Symbolic DIY visuals manifest the surreal defense mechanism of retreating inside oneself to escape an unbearable trauma. Grainy, disconnected black-and-white visions strobe in sync with the emergency vibes of the soundtrack whilst an emotional, soul-stirring performance by VC guides the viewer through the dissociative protection acquired to avoid a helpless connection to abuse.

Vacíos Cuerpos‘ new EP, “Hoy Solo Quiero Odiar”, is slated for release on July 28th through all the main streaming platforms, available to pre-order on this link.

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