WL//WH Premiere: SPAMMERHEADS Expose a “Trashtalker” from the Inside Out


WL//WH is pleased to welcome Spammerheads back to the blog with the premiere of the new music video for “Trashtalker”, included in the recently released 14-track compilation “ER046 Compilation V5”, featuring some of Spain’s most renowned EBM, Ambient, Experimental, Electro, IDM, Noise, Techno, Drone, and Industrial artists, to commemorate the 9th anniversary of Bilbao-based DIY Eclectic Reactions label founded in 2014 by WLDV and Radithor.

Made up of Ana Escudero & David Garrido, the Spanish DIY ‘Working-Class Electronic Music’ duo based in Valencia follow the 2022 5-track, “Tar Blood Cement Skin”, with a bristly and rugged slice of Electro-Industrial titled  “Trashtalker.

Dystopic lyrics, delivered through the eyes of an angry, disenchanted global citizen trigger a cavernous, gritty and aggressive EBM-flecked Electro Industrial dance stomper welding springing buzzing synth saws, with rumbling groovy bass line menace, clattering, hard-hitting drum programming, fueled by distorted, disgruntled atmospheric vocal sinisterisms, to ebb and flow in hypnotic self-gratifying dancefloor frequencies.

Soul-stirring visuals capture the disturbing underbelly of human waste at the hands of overconsumption, greed, and corporate manipulation. A rapid influx of pop culture brands and fads alternates with ethereal nature scenes, disconnected performance shots, and suggestions of violence to evoke sickening feelings of deception and dread. Trendy symbols and depictions of human bondage and suffering open latent doorways to shame and guilt where a wasteland of carnage and filth from a lifetime of subliminal messaging syncs seamlessly with the essence of the soundtrack.

Spammerheads’ “Trashtalker” is available now on the 9th Anniversary celebration compilation “ER046 Compilation V5”, in Ltd. Cassette and Digital (name your price) formats, via Bilbao-based DIY Eclectic Reactions label’s Bandcamp.

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