WL//WH Video Premiere: CAPITOL Brings to Sound “The Light Between Us”

WL//WH Premiere  CAPITOL

Longtime familiar and fans of the multifaceted Indie Rock sound from Canadian five-piece Capitol, WL//WH is very pleased to host again the band for the Premiere of their first venture into Soundtrack composition, the short film score “Light Between Us.”

The Hamilton, Ontario-based combo, made up of brothers and best friends Josh KempRobert J. Kemp, Wes Lintott, Matt Lintott, and Chris McLaughlin, try their hand at atmospheric, immersive and cinematic sounds, whilst recording their sophomore album at Union Sound.

Light Between Us” is a 25.06-minute clip, written and directed by Cameron Veitch (A Black Lake Production), starring Imre and Dio De-Lau in a romantic supernatural story where a man finds a mysterious voice recording and attempts to make contact with a ghost. The beautiful ambient score, composed of six enveloping tracks, heavily inspires from Brian Eno, M83 & Mica Levi.

The short film appears to be shot from behind a grainy window shade to give the illusion of a crepuscular hour, when shapeshifting lights and shadows clearly draw from subconscious thought forms to shape perception. The emotionally fluid soundscape subtly changes between warm shapeless comfort and cold trembling distress, to guide the viewer through the distorted visuals with universal shared sensations. Varying strengths of depth, tone, and temperature ebb and flow with cathartic waves of interpretation, to immerse the listener in melancholy and joy, doom and hope, confusion and clarity, freedom and restraint, leaving one feeling transformed through a mysterious exploration of multi-dimensional sight and sound.

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