WL//WH Review: The Blazing Dark of GREY GALLOWS and the New “Strangers” LP


Grey Gallows

On May 5, 2023, Cold Transmission Music (Hamburg) published the new full-length “Strangers” album of the precious darkwave duo Grey Gallows (Patras GR). Their 4th album includes two masterful collaborations with Kriistal Ann from Paradox Obscur, and Irini Tini from Incirrina, among the rest of the 9 dark gems in there, completing a monumental work for the Grey Gallows. The LP was mixed and mastered at SoundCave Studios Athens by a person who is already an important figure in the wider dark scene of Greece: Nick ”TheMute” Chalntoupis.

If you consider the pure musical talent of the Gallows and the merciless singing virtues of their two guest-witches in the studio, the skills and the sonic aesthetics of “The Mute” together with the respected criteria of Cold Transmission, then you have a blazing darkwave album by an act that shows impressive progress since their dawn back in 2017. Now Konstantin (Vocals, Keys, etc) and Dionisis (Guitar, Bass, etc) wrote their best work so far, as the entire new “Strangers” album in my ears (and in my soul) is absolutely their stepping stone release in terms of quality, performance, and giving; applying an amazing record to the dark scene of the cosmos and an album that is blowing them toward the peaks of our beloved genre. Try “Dying Light” with the imposing and heartfelt chorus and I have a few more things to tell you after…

…the severe gothic art of our darkwave guests in WL//WH today can be admired also in another official video, this time for “Chains”, Watch It Here. And we must also see what their two guest-witches brought with them to the studio…” I saw pictures of my soul-No love can bleed enough”…the spells by the winds of “Bare Inside” under the wings of the singer of Incirrina, Irini Tini.

And who else could be the best cold and deadly narrator of “Spirits” than Kriistal Ann herself from Paradox Obscur“Lost children returning home-Cause they never left on their own”.

When there are such works on the shelves, the many words are somehow unnecessary as the art itself traps you in it offering priceless gems and thrills. So, here is the blazing dark of “Strangers” LP by Grey Gallows, you can grab it on Vinyl, CD, and Digitally, and listen to it loud (please)!!!

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike

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