WL//WH Video Of The Day: ULTRASATURATED “Swimming Thru” (Official Video)


Ultrasaturated is a New Wave/Dream Pop combo, made up of a trio of Italians, Gianmaria Cetti, Federico Ceretta, and Samuel Zini, based somewhere between Vicenza, Como and Amsterdam, who, in 2022, met up at a cabin in the Italian Alps to inspire from the magical stillness of nature, the result is their debut single “Swimming Thru.”

“Swimming Thru” elicits ceaselessly vibrant and ethereal flows from sparkling, obsessive layers of guitar melodies, backed by heart-skipping drum beats and warm humming bass lines, swaying and echoing over soft dreamy vocal introspections, as they long for another’s gentle touch amid unseen connections.

Groovy psychedelic DIY visuals merge cosmic waves of interconnectedness with the daydreamy vibes of the soundtrack to reveal a lost insight into the universe’s endless mysteries. Three student souls sit underneath a vast canopy of spinning constellations where a sky port to an alternate dimension triggers enhanced perceptions from the mind’s eye of ancestral wisdom.

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