WL//WH Premiere: THIS ETERNAL DECAY Deep Fakes Peter Murphy in “Monochrome”


Started as a side-project by well-known and respectable musicians from the Roman underground dark music scene such as Riccardo Sabetti (Spiral69), Pasquale Vico (Date at Midnight), Andrea Freda (Spiritual Front) and Alessio Schiavi (Avant-Garde), This Eternal Decay‘s refined and decadent, multifaceted dark sound combines moody and haunting Darkwave atmospherics with industrialized throbbing, and dancing electro energy, enhanced by Goth-ridden tormented vocal introspection.

The Italian combo are approaching their fourth studio album, comprised of part of eleven “murder synth-ballads”, ABSØLUTIØN, due out on May 5, with the third and final single, “Monochrome”, whose AI tribute Video WL//Wh is pleased to premiere.

MONOCHROME is always about love, like the whole concept of the entire new album, this time it delves into the erotic sphere of its concept. Two clandestine Lovers who know they’re making a big mistake but can’t stop themselves from jumping into the abyss together.

“A song born as an improvisation made of synths and metallic percussions”, “Monochrome” triggers misty neon-lit dancefloor dimensions, bouncing through a vibrating dangerous concoction of hypnotic hollow synth stabs, eerie flashing chimes, dramatic swathes, snakingly inching limbering bass lines, direly obsessive guitar piercings and punchy drum beats, around aching forlorn vocals, drawing angsty, hungry breathes from a secret well of obsessive desire.

An experimental video pays tribute to the Goth culture, by using the 1983 cult classic movie “The Hunger” by Tony Scott as a template for artificial intelligence, a team of graphic designers, and digital engineers to superimpose singer Riccardo Sabetti’s face over Peter Murphy’s character, not in an attempt to outshine, but to honor and respect the original movie. Iconic scenes from the strobing dance club, after-hours apartment party, and striking cyberpunk fashions ignite the mind’s eye with uninhibited passions whilst wicked flash-forwards of fangs, ankh totems, and blood lust gore remind the viewer of the primal desire lying in the cold young heart of the vampire lore.

This Eternal Decay‘s fourth studio album, “ABSØLUTIØN”, is slated for release in streaming on all the digital platforms and on ltd. CD (only 200 pieces), from May 19, 2023.

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photo by Eliana Giaccheri