WL//WH Premiere: The New “Armour” of MECHANIMAL [Smash Records]


Today we are so happy and honored to premiere the new work by the Athens-based industrial act Mechanimal. “Armour” through Smash Records with 3 tracks that are narrating our angelic world through the musical sensors of mastermind Giannis (ION) Papioannou and with the spoken word charge of Freddie Faulkenberry as this new release can be considered a maxi-single, with 2 more extras, or EP.

The record is amazing and as usual, when Mechanimal has something to say is like shouting against the threats of life and the sociopolitical issues of our brave world with merciless music and lyrics that are targeting our feet on the dancefloor and our souls at home. The title track is a 4-minute post-punk electro rattle framed by the industrial aesthetics of its creator and with the almost theatrical voice of the ‘preacher’ at the front. You observe something like the x-ray of a Walrus on the front cover…and things go deeper if you consider it as a metaphor. Hear the lyrics please, all I heard is the world in a state of emergency and nullification given in a poem which can end up in uncontrollable and very sad situations;

“I passed by our old neighborhood, I passed by cause I needed to talk, I need advice, now that I am a father, I’m really tired I’m fucking exhausted…”

The second track “Premonition” is an instrumental industrial exercise that works like the bridge to the third song “The Core Of Cloud Capitalism” where techno meets freestyle electronic music. I wanted to learn more about this peculiar track because what I heard after the middle really got my interest and I asked ‘ION’ for an explanation and this is what he wrote to the readers of WL//WH:

The words in “The Core of Cloud Capitalism” are an excerpt from something Deleuze said in an interview during the 1970s, but delivered by an AI voice. It’s about how capitalism has been and remains a terrible desire machine. The flows of money, the means of production, manual labor, the new markets, all these are a product of desire. Today AI is rapidly making inroads into business operations and society and is already being applied in many areas of our lives, with high penetration in financial services… On the opposite side, our new album is about how AI trends in emerging markets are contributing to the rise of what we already call “Cursed AI”

You can grab your “Armour” on Vinyl, and Digitally. You can hear the new ‘statement’ by one of the most important alternative acts from the significant scene of Greece, and listen to it loud (please)!!!

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike

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