WL//WH Premiere: SVEZIA INFERNO “Morbido Morte” [La Società del Malessere]


WL//WH is pleased to premiere the new distorted caustic leftfield Proto-Techno jam, titled “Morbido Morte” by the  Swedish, relocated to the North West of Italy via Bordeaux, eclectic off-kilter electronic musician-producer Johan Gustafsson (from synth-punk act Black Bug), AKA Svezia Inferno, a foretaste from a forthcoming EP via his own label La Società del Malessere.

A gritty, oppressive and decadent slow-spinning seething combination of coarse skewed Techno and blistering dusky Industrial atmospherics, drenched in modern dystopic distress.

The enigmatic artist drives his machines into a bitterly corrosive, Industrial-dusted, mind-bending agony of “Soft Death / Morbido Morte”, to buzz and screech, replete with a frenzied, stark and claustrophobic edge, through a harshly vibrating and dangerously pulsing misty tunnel, exhausted by menacing bursts of crushing, jerky bass lines, taut kicks, and punchy snares, instilling a granular urban mechanical underworld, where a sudden shifting warmly swelling low-end tone, along with urgent hypnotic rhythms, unearth obsessive swarms of angsty stacking hollow knocks, distorted whistles, and serpentine shakes from a forbidden subconscious realm of stabbing paranoia and dread.

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