WL//WH Video Of The Day: Hiçamahiç “Vazgeçme / Don’t Give Up” (Official Video)

Video Of The Day  hiçamahiç  

Turkish raw Shoegaze/Emo 5-piece band hiçamahiç based in Istanbul return to this shore, after last year’s debut single “Kaybolaca​ğ​ı​z”, with a DIY video for the eponymous first preview from the forthcoming debut album “Vazgecme | Don’t Give Up”, via Istanbul-based DIY label Mevzu Records.

“This song is about how we should never give up on some things (that make us who we are, that are good for our world, that we must fight for) despite all the weight, darkness and despair that life brings. For this reason, “Vazgeçme |Don’t Give Up” has become one of the most energetic and promising songs in our upcoming album, both lyrically and instrumentally.”

Vibrant and erratic, the song stirs up a dark, heavily distorted outflow of rustling fuzzy distortion, and piercing, angsty leads, underpinned by skipping drum beats, and bouncy bass lines, into a noisy shimmering frost over lost ethereal vocals, crying out, “Vazgeçme/Do Not Give Up”, from the rising tides of chaos and change.

Intimate and uplifting DIY visuals capture the human spirit of joy under a grey, overcast sky whilst telling the story of a sweet journey toward Istaranca. An array of friendly animals shared smiles, and blurry time-lapsed transitions pull the viewer out of isolation into the warm and organic outdoor vibes of friendship, syncing seamlessly with the symbolic lyrics of a light shining in the darkness.

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