WL//WH Review: LUNAR TWIN and the brooding Dream Wave of “Aurora” LP


“Aurora” LP  by Lunar Twin (Hawaii) was released on April 7  through Tropical Depression Records (L.A.) and it is the new significant release by that almost unreal act from the Pacific Ocean which comprises two members; Bryce Boudreau on vocals, lyrics, and co-production, and Chris Murphy on the music and production.

The entire “Aurora” album is all about wonderful dream wave music in the likes of brooding electronica, cosmopolitan downtempo and Tropical noir. Whether you ‘see’ their music in the sand dunes or in the sea at night the comfort and the tranquility is the same, but more than this, Lunar Twin doesn’t play ambient-oriented music but a rather more sophisticated and groovy cosmic electronic escapade.

I must share with you a few important notes about the band that I found in the EPK: “The pair derived their name from a theory about the earth once having possibly a twin moon.  Multi-Instrumentalist and Producer Christopher Murphy lives in Salt Lake City.  In recent years he has shared the stage as an opening act for numerous renowned artists such as Grimes, Bonnie Prince Billy, and Peaches. Bryce Boudreau, Vocalist, Songwriter, and Producer is a Los Angeles native who currently lives in Hawaii and has worked with many underground and emerging bands”.

We live thousands of miles apart separated by the Pacific Ocean and mountain ranges and deserts. These disparate places of isolation are the nexus for our songwriting states Christopher Murphy from his home in downtown SLC
The juxtaposition of desert and ocean plays a big role in this album, the ebb and flow of the modern world colliding with an ancient one.  The moods of ‘Aurora’ embody the ongoing conflicts between humans and their machines, vs. the mysteries and unknowns of the primeval world.  A sort of homage to the dream state that exists somewhere between the two differing realitiessays Bryce Boudreau, vocalist, and songwriter from Hawaii

Very useful info for understanding better their current sonic universe and I must tell you that “Aurora” LP is quite different from their previous album “Ghost Moon Ritual” (2020). The new album may sound like the sequel to the previous one but with a lot of differences but still with the same trademark sound and the quality they are offering since 2014.

So, we have an excellent new album that merges the wider alternative electronica of the highest quality, and in our case here, with many things also that occur to the soul, to the societies, to the living life, and the universe as a whole ‘situation’. No question by me about their music and production skills, as they are talented and really good ‘players’ and a duo that can write all this amazing dream wave electronica (and with a few trip-hop and kraut hints in it all) and present actual songs, not just tracks. So, here is “Aurora”, lay back by her side at the dunes, then grab the album and disappear in there!!! (art credits to Nina Lopez Artist, and photo credit to Waruni Herath).

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike

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