WL//WH Video Premiere: JOLANDA MOLETTA Invokes Creativity and The Inner Child in “Wildfires Light Up the Darkness of Your Heart”


WL//WH is pleased to welcome Italian vocalist and multimedia artist, Jolanda Moletta (She Owl) back to the blog with a Premiere of her final DIY song/video piece, “Wildfires Light Up the Darkness of Your Heart”, taken from last year’s beautifully evocative debut ambient curative album, “9 Spells”, via Amsterdam based label  Ambientologist.

A thoughtful invitation to listen, view, and immerse oneself in 9 songs, 9 videos, 9 spells, each dedicated to one of Jolanda’s female ancestors, to allow for self-discovery and gaining personal strength, by tapping into the energetic, healing flow of inherited ancestral wisdom.

Spring is the theme for this final video as we wake up after Winter’s long sleep to feel our energy return. A joyful dance among the wildflowers to celebrate Spring’s inner and outer blooming. Dancing is a healing ritual that reconnects us to our inner fire of creativity – our heart’s true desire. In fact, there is an old healing ritual that is well-known in the rural area of Italy where Moletta is from. The ritual involves red soil, specific words cast as a spell, and a crescent moon. Moletta chose the colors intentionally for her video to reinforce the deeper meaning of this healing ritual that some older people living in the area still remember attending when they were children.

“Wildfires Light Up the Darkness of Your Heart” generates a bright ethereal sacred choir-like realm of blooming restless energies to trigger a cathartic outflow of cool comforting, piercing angelic cries as they merge, instinctually with a hypnotic bouncy droning force, pausing into clarity and peace to follow a warm distant flute call before migrating back to the palpable, magnetic pull of safe, joyous connected memories from the sentient spirituality of birth, acceptance, guidance, and love.

This video is about my inner child and the creative fire burning. I am balancing innocence and wonder with the desire to express and bloom.” She also adds that “ever since filming the first video for this album, the visual story has unfolded effortlessly in my mind’s eye so that it intuitively linked each video to the next to create a story. To me, the sequence and the symbols, when viewed as a whole, convey my vision very clearly. I am curious to know if viewers feel this too.Jolanda says

Delicate newborn blossoms gently blow in Mother Nature’s supportive caress atop a vibrant, whimsical soul’s celebration of life. A symbolic veiled interpretive dance sequence adorned in thought-provoking jewelry, tribal make-up, and uninhibited bodily autonomy awakens moods of freedom, authenticity, and serenity to sync seamlessly with the invigorating Spring-like tensions of the soundtrack whilst a final whispered message opens the mind’s eye of alertness into a nested dimension of stirring psychic suggestion.

Jolanda Moletta‘s latest live version of last year’s debut solo album, “Nine Spells”, “Full Moon Session”, recorded live at Le Guess Who? Festival (Netherlands), is out now, Cassette & Digital, on the artist’s Bandcamp

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