WL//WH Track Of The Day: VARNAKIS “Sapphire”

Track Of The Day VARNAKIS

We know very little about the enigmatic, most likely a soloist, music project hailing from Lithuania, Varnakis.

A guitar-laden debut with noisy Grunge tones at the end of the past year, then the turning point in 2023 with three singles in a row, the latest and most effective, “Sapphire”.

Varnakis is developing a cinematic, arcane, and sensual Darkwave fantasy, enveloped in gloomy and obscure atmospheric keyboard carpets, on sleek throbbing drum programming, (intriguing the rolling drum & bass patterns of the previous “Singularity”), and lost haunted dreams in search of feeble glimmers for light in the darkness of living.

Heady lyrics depict an intimate encounter where sensual lusts lead to careless abandon.

A relentless oscillating percolating bassline triggers martial skipping drum beats, cloaked in slowly sprawling blazing synth drifts and pulsing glowing stabs, interspersed by a reflective and yearning twinkling guitar interlude, to go on bouncing along with mesmerized vocals, drawing sinful breaths of euphoria and adoration from an endless well of helpless desire.

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