WL//WH Review: The New “Cocoon” LP by GIVE UP TO FAILURE [Requiem Records]


Give Up To Failure

On February 20, GIVE UP TO FAILURE from Poland released their new second album “COCOON” via Requiem Records with 10 brand new songs that are all state-of-the-art post-rock/anthemic shoegaze music.

I recall 2020 when I put the band’s “BURDEN” LP in my fave releases of that year in WL//WH. I am so happy that in 2023 “COCOON” LP will follow the same path this year as the band presented another impressive and so profound record in all its aspects (songwriting, performance, and sound production).

GIVE UP TO FAILURE is a five-piece team from Wrocław. It is a band that works collectively in the songwriting of their music with players that not only are obviously skilled but also musicians who put great imagination too into their songs. You can’t create post-rock/shoegaze if you can’t find the means and the ways to express and expand your sound through deeper and stranger creative fields. Our friends here are already artisans of the musical expression of the dedicated scene and a team that is after their own star, and I sense their time is now. Try “Slow Collapse” which came prior to the official release date of the album, I have a few more things to tell you after.

All riffs and all their arrangements work as colors on their canvas and more than this, they create imaginary music that is always totally sentimental, nostalgic, and tender at times until they decide to fuzz everything and drown all into sadness or anger. You must hear or read the lyrics that are written by Mark Magick and this is what they quote for “COCCON” LP:

“This album tells about love, depression, self-destruction, insomnia, crying for help, trying to find yourself and becoming a better man”.

The third official video is for “Damages” and regarding all their new videos, I must give my credit to Rafał Wekiera who actually ‘saw’ their music and didn’t do the often regular style band-on-camera, he is also the artist behind the album artwork. All things on “COCOON” LP are shouting against social claustrophobia, for hope, and freedom, by a band that is already ready for the big thing in their course.

Other focus tracks by me? Well, the entire album actually! You can grab the CD or get it Digitally from their links, and do yourselves a favor, please. The first time listen to it alone and loud!!!

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike 

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