WL//WH Track Of The Day: LIVINROOM “Knowledge (feat. Minimal Unit)”

Track Of The Day LIVINROOM  

As we anticipated earlier this week, here is the new single for St-Petersburg-based two-piece LIVINROOM, featuring Moscow‘s musician Minimal Unit to coat the band’s minimalistic guitar-driven Post-punk sound with synthetic evocative shades for a further excursion into gloomier and enigmatic Gothic Rock realms.

Esoteric lyrics dwell in distressed memories of the illness of a loved one to expose the traumatic impact left behind.

“Knowledge” delves into a ceaseless tension between warm and cold, light and dark, carved by resonant, effect-laden, sparkling guitar melodies, echoing with a seductive groovy, psychedelic sheen, mantled by desolate spectral synth flows, on a churning bed of steady drum beats and moody basslines, to pierce, weep, and strum, whilst soaring, shrouded in aching melancholic resonance, atop ghostly baritone broods, releasing urgent dread into a relentless pain, fraught of agonizing despair.

The duo claims that it will continue to search for a new sound, the first effort is already intriguing…

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