WL//WH Review: The Frenetic “Modern Delusion” LP by CATALOGUE


Now see how things are for this album; “Modern Delusion” is the third album by Catalogue trio from Marseille, a “Post-punk act avec machine”, yeah. The album is a product from the depressive coronavirus lockdown period where so many amazing releases were imagined, composed, jammed, and later on came up after the shudder was gone. The album was released last January 27 through the band’s Bandcamp account and the totally independent labels Crapoulet Rds, HVIV, and Assos’y’Song. All you’ll hear in this frenetic release is a bucket of 10 new songs plus a crazy groovy cover of the “Kids Of The Black Hole”  by Frank Agnew (45 Grave, Adolescents, Der Stab, T.S.O.L….and more).

The band plays actual old-school Post-punk music in the initial DIY style and as you can understand all this can easily knock you down with a clear Punk punch where it will hurt…you. In other words; I love this album, and more than this, the sense of purity in their music, in their intentions, in their groove, in their performance, in their everything, is clearly everywhere in the record. But let me show you what I read in their ‘letter’;

“The contemporary absurdity accelerates, bland slogans try to mask the surrounding violence, and in the middle of this modern delirium, there are still the followers of music played loudly in all the cellars of the planet. So the tracks are composed in mute, then recorded and produced at home by the band during the following months…”

Clarity of the situation with honest words that are spoken in the joints and the dens of the DIY formation, we know each other well, very well! The band comprises three punks in the heart; Emma Amaretto: machine, guitar, voice, synths/ Raphaël Bathore: bass, voice/ and Eric Trolux: guitar, and synths. Hear them in “Parallel Lines”

…you will find more such music in the album as you will also find some way wilder tracks, some more ‘epic’ post-punk tunes too, all sung (or whispered) in both English and French. I can boldly say their music is highly explosive and classy by all means and another thing that I must mention here is that I didn’t stop moving or dancing from track 1 to track 11 altogether, it was like they dragged me down to their basement for bears and grooves, yeah. Such records are constantly needed if we want our music to stay original and true in the heart, and such bands (that will remain forever DIY) are like the core vibrations from our front.

Last, I tell you that you can grab it on Vinyl, Cassette (in association with Ganache Records), or Digitally, and listen to it loud (please)!!!

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photo by Jean Jean-christian Rieu

Written by Loud Cities’ Mike


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