WL//WH Premiere: BAROQUE “Overexposed (ÆON RINGS Remix)” [WIE EIN GOTT]

WL//WH Premiere  BAROQUE       

Berlin-based independent label WIE EIN GOTT Records, curated by Johannes Stabel aka XTR HUMAN, proudly presents the latest offering from the legendary Japanese artist, BAROQUE.

Founded in 2009 as a solo project by Sannomiya, BAROQUE has built a solid career as both a DJ and producer over the past decade, much like the great heroes of ancient mythology.

Drawing inspiration from the gods, BAROQUE‘s sound is a potent fusion of EBM, Industrial, and Dark Techno, which is both electrifying and divine.

With his latest album, “OVEREXPOSED”, Baroque offers 7 original tracks that are sure to take listeners on a journey to the very heights of sonic ecstasy. And if that wasn’t enough, this release also includes 3 epic remixes from ÆON RINGS, Magnum Opus and Blac Kolor, and other titans of the Industrial/EBM scene.

BAROQUE‘s music is all-encompassing and awe-inspiring, drawing listeners in with its mythical power and leaving them transformed. With “OVEREXPOSED”, BAROQUE continues to build on his decade-long legacy, bringing forth a sound that is both otherworldly and intimately human.

So come, follow the call of the gods, and experience the divine power of Baroque’s latest release, only on WIE EIN GOTT.

WL//WH is pleased to Premiere the ÆON RINGS Remix of Baroque‘s LP title track “Overexposed”.

North American Dark Electronic producer Davey Partain a.k.a. ÆON RINGS injects his cinematic vision of sci-fi dark futurism, combined with groovy retro rhythms, to compel cold ominous attitudes through hypnotizing oscillations around crisp ticking kick obsessions, hard-hitting stomping beats, stuttering droning bass line menace, and haunted ritual airs, to rouse nocturnal ritualistic senses, whilst disintegrating angst and dread, with riveting outflows of acidic spirals, enshrouding lysergic paranoia-inducing voice clips with dark subconscious frequencies of distorted and epic esoteric dancefloor domains.

Baroque‘s upcoming album “OVEREXPOSED”, is slated for release, in Limited Edition 50 Cassettes + Digital formats, on April 21st, 2023, via WIE EIN GOTT Records. 

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