WL//WH New Music: SUNDL “Dead River” feat. TERZ NERVOSA

WL//WH New Music  SUNDL feat. Terz Nervosa

A stalwart of the Viennese underground music scene as the drummer, since 2005, of the bands Lady Lynch and Black Fox Dance, as well as co-founder and director of the cassette label Wilhelm show me the Major Label, Christian Sundl under his alias SUNDL, a Goth House act started in 2005, has shared an experimental DIY video, featuring Terz Nervosa AKA Tina Bauer (vocals, camera), for a reinterpretation of Honeymoon in Red’s (Lydia Lunch, Rowland S. Howard) 1988 song “Dead River”, the second single taken from Sundl’s upcoming third album, simply titled “3”, scheduled for release in April 2023 via fellow independent label Cut Surface.

Tilting shimmering Hammond Organ key reiterations, shrouded in slightly scraping droning frequencies, arouse a magnetic backdrop of crisp, sad glowing echoing stabs, low trembling bass tones, tinny hi-hats and hypnotic clicking beats around a haunted, ghostly vocal suffering, invoking Lydia Lunch’s dire River Styx lyrical setting, where death cloaks wretched souls and weary hearts in a cold darkness of hopelessness and dread.

“The video itself was shot by Tina Bauer and edited by Christian Sundl and takes its cue from Ernie Gehr’s key work of structural film, “Serene Velocity”. Instead of the changing focal length of the important 1970s short film, however, Sundl’s video changes the digital zoom.”

Thought-provoking black and white visuals, starring Terz and Christian, as similarly styled still figures, quickly shift eye focus to change perspective and create false flows of motions using depth perception, unseen reflections, and optical illusions, syncing seamlessly with grainy, blurry, and mesmeric nuances of the bleak soundtrack.

Sundl’s upcoming third LP, “3”, is slated for release, in Ltd. Vinyl 12″ & Digital formats, on April 28, 2023 via Cut Surface.

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