WL//WH Premiere: PERLEE Explores Time, DNA, and The Human Soul as “Lived Out Moons”

WL//WH Premiere   PERLEE   

Berlin-based Irish Alt-Indie pair Perlee, comprised of Saramai Leech and Cormac O’Keeffe prepare to drop their long-awaited debut album, Speaking From Other Rooms, on April 21, 2023, via Greenbay Records / Backseat, with an outer-space adventure lyric video premiere by Emma Taggart for the dreamy new song Lived Out Moons.

Speaking from Other Rooms, the debut album from Berlin-based Irish band Perlee is an album about unconditional love, the banality of a capitalist society, destiny and self-realization. Mostly though it is about love; long-distance love, love that strives to exist across a physical distance, across generations, between lovers and across time.

The soul-stirring contemplative, “Lived Out Moons”, rife with a cosmic feel, manifests serene, dramatic intimate moods to open esoteric doorways to catharsis and hope, fusing warm wistful glowing keyboard veils, with shuffling drum beats, and echoing glistening guitar melodies, to encapsulate gentle, emotional vocals and light whispery airs, with comforting outflows from love and acceptance, drifting forward toward sparkling and twinkling icy bright horizons.

We had been reading a lot of Don DeLillo as we were writing these songs and some of his influence can perhaps be heard in this song. A person can remove themselves from an intense family environment but the ties that bind are strong. The DNA we walk around with and the things we’ve been exposed to as children are inescapable. It’s also about the everyman and how intensely personal moments are felt by everyone. It’s also a contemplation on the nature of time and how we experience time as humans.

Metaphysical lyrics observe life through a lens of care and intuition to discover archetypal wisdom and ancient inherited memories waiting to be deciphered.

A computer-animated lyric video by Emma Taggart captures the limitless flow of the soundtrack by using an outer space mission to evoke a sense of purpose, curiosity, and endless awe and exploration. Surreal flows of motion propelled by rocket craft, asteroid fields, and time portals take the viewer to distant galaxies where never before seen planets, neon nebula, and prismatic rainbow bursts arouse the mind’s eye of imagination with welcoming feelings of traveling home.

Perlee‘s debut album, “Speaking From Other Rooms,” is due, in Vinyl 12″/CD & Digital formats, on April 21st via Greenbay Records / Backseat.

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