WL//WH Premiere: HERR WADE Imagines the Mysterious “Chantal”


WL//WH is very pleased to host the return of Herr Wade to the blog with the premiere of the evocative DIY video for the Indie-Pop tune “Chantal”, in anticipation of the incoming “difficult”, namely “even more experimental”, second album titled, “Tatsächlich nur ein Lied”, due out on the 1st of May 2023 via their own label Platiruma!!!

The NorwegianGerman pop duo Herr Wade, consisting of like-minded friends Askim-based multi-instrumentalists Jørn O. Åleskjær and Altenberge-based musician Sebastian Voss (The Fisherman And His Soul, Nah…, Cinema Engines, The Grindcore Poppies), throughout the LP celebrates the magic of Pop, both in terms of content (the title song is about teenage Seb’s obsession with spending all his pocket money on singles at the local electronic shop, and “Pullover” quotes “Where’s me jumper” by the Sultan of Ping FC), as well as formally, when the sounds of old analogue synthesizers that eke out an existence in Jørn’s attic marry with Philly strings, French 60s soundtrack sounds, guitar jangle and creak, Battisti-style cantautore crooning and disco funk, in a perpetual trip to Wadeland, the mysterious amusement park, the place of longing of the creative play-children.The pair come closer to Wadeland than ever, before seemingly reaching it in the hidden track, blending whimsical sonic joy with profound yet humorous lyrics to manifest the fantastical imaginary of “Chantal.”

Channelling Belle & Sebastian’s pastel-coloured nostalgia, “Chantal” arouses intoxicating stirring sways of rippling shimmery strums, underpinned by soft steady drum beats along with warm elastic bass lines, to carry dreamy breathless vocals, and gentle backup support through a vibrant realm of echoing poignant guitar twinkling melodies, uplifting orchestral swathes, and wispy fluting blows, to evoke mercurial carefree moods.

Vintage video clips capture the youthful energy and daydreams of the 1970s era to take the viewer on a trip down memory lane whilst syncing beautifully with the nostalgic vibes of the soundtrack. Groovy retro style and fashion, iconic social benchmarks, and an array of sparkling faces give insight into the outer universe of “Chantal”.

Herr Wade’s upcoming sophomore album, “Tatsächlich nur ein Lied”, is slated for release, in ltd. gatefold CD and Digital formats, on May 01, 2023, via their own label Platiruma!!!

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