WL//WH Video Of The Day: CORBEAU HANGS “Necroamor”


Corbeau Hangs is the one-man Dark Wave act out of Phoenix, Arizona led by Manuel Perez, who returns to WL//WH with his second official release and music video “Necroamor.”

“Necroamor” compels a murky, emotional, and alienating atmospheric concoction of steady slashing beats, ominously throbbing bass lines, desolate icy bright synth sweeps, and obsessive sinister echoes of piercing guitar melodies to build a hot, reflective, pain-filled flow around haunted gothic romantic broods, pledging eternal adoration from the tragic dark waters of obsessive doom.

Wonderful crafting of black and white visions harnesses the natural cardinal element of fire to sync with the immortal burning passions of the soundtrack. Sharp contrasts, pinpoint focus, and suggestive symbols pull the viewer into the shape-shifting universe of lights and shadows where ancient, inherited archetypes wait to be called upon for insight, wisdom, and cathartic transformation.

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