WL//WH Video Of The Day: KURS “Omen”

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Kurs is the Experimental / Industrial one-man band of multi-instrumentalist Vahl-R (AKA Valerio Rivieccio) from the Italian Post-punk band The Coventry, who is going to follow his acclaimed Sci-Fi Cyberpunk full-length debut and graphic novel “Muter,” with the forthcoming sophomore concept album, “Dreamer,” via Swiss Dark Nights label, to compose a horror-infused oneiric nightmare realm where, “Omen”, one of the early previews from the recently dropped CD Maxi Single “Archive_Omen”, takes place.

Mixing sampling manipulation, driven guitars and electro-anger, Kurs creates a warp of images and sounds evolving along with plot revelations.

“Omen” is laced with eerie gothic poetry that describes the old, musky moor surrounding a solitary house where a ghostly character known as the “Archivist” becomes trapped in a mental prison bound by anguish, fear of the unknown, and isolation.

Cold, disturbed subconscious domains lit by flickering sparks from metallic Industrial clangor, charge heavy stomping beats, menacing, undulating bass tones, sizzling guitar shards, anxious, erratic strains, and alarming mechanical repetitions into a hellish dystopic maze around distant, distorted baritone agony and haunting whispers of the past, descending desperately into a shadowy phantasm of electro-magnetic doom.

An imaginative DIY video manifests the troubled psychological mindset of the soundtrack by blending off-kilter camerawork with suggestive props and evocative poses to open hidden doorways of traumatic pain. Dramatic performance shots, cryptic clues, and stirring strobes and shadows cast doubt and dread over a lost soul whose obsessive thoughts invoke a sinister shadow force of rituals, symbols, and catharsis.

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