WL//WH Review: The New “Six Cauchemars D​’​une Machine F​ê​l​é​e” EP by BOUND BY ENDOGAMY [Dead Channel Records]


From the first glance at the cover image, which is somewhat dystopian and menacing, and potentially real, I wanted things to be serious and strong and loud and I don’t know what else…..and I was right, my friend. On March 24, the electronic duo Bound By Endogamy that is based in Geneva-Switzerland released their new “Six Cauchemars D​’​une Machine F​ê​l​é​e” EP through Dead Channel Records (Louisville, Kentucky), and it is fully armed with 6 tracks of minimalism and synth-punk-oriented music on high-octane fuel. 

All the little things that I found about them intrigued me and here is what I saw on their FB page; Bound By Endogamy are active since 2019, the duo consists of Shlomo Balexert and Kleio Thomaides, and both musicians come from the squat/punk scene, while in live performance their project is reduced is to a drum kit, a sampler, and female vocals. Somehow this little note explained to me better what may hide behind their name…and as a person of the same sociopolitical thought myself, my mind started raging about the use and the meaning of their name; try to find out what endogamy really is and see if their name is a mock or a statement instead.

To my surprise, I somehow expected to hear only synth-punk music in their new EP but they blend and expand and ‘threat’ everything through the fine sonic arts of minimalism, the cold wave, the greater experimental electronic music, and always beyond and over the ‘regular’ electronic beats. Their music sounds like it doesn’t have a distinct ceiling as they load (and unload) quite a lot of sonic cargo from its wings. All bliss is their ability to sound more true than death itself (and they are original) and their punk-all-over aesthetic as we know it so well in the dedicated social spaces and in the wider underground scene.

Their music is brutal, sweet at times, protest, wild, dystopian, squatter, minimal wave, new beat, and as Dead Channel Records quote about it; this utterly singular release is a take-no-prisoners, in-your-face, punk future-classic. Personally, I couldn’t agree more with that and I must also inform you that “Six Cauchemars D​’​une Machine F​ê​l​é​e” EP is highly addictive too. I didn’t understand (probably I understood well) exactly when the record ended and for some strange and inexplicable reason (which also happens with other new releases too) it went back to start again alone and I didn’t dare to press the stop button, weird! Anyway, here it is, and dare it loud either you grab it on Cassette or Digitally!!!

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike

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