WL//WH Track Of The Day: FORSAKEN AUTUMN “蝶​影​晨​梦​(​Butterfly Morning Dream)”


Somehow triggered as a two-piece by Britlululu and slowcore/dream-pop singer & songwriter Ecke in 2011, only with the addition of Brandon on bass and Li Xiao on drums, the Forsaken Autumn‘s imaginative sound vision to blend Shoegaze, Dreampop, and all in-between, into a self-dubbed “White Noise” starts to take shape.

The four-piece based in Shanghai, China released their debut EP, “Whenere”, in the latest part of 2015, followed by a one-and-only single a year later, to take a long hiatus until an unforeseen yet welcome return these days, with the brand new song “蝶​影​晨​梦​(​Butterfly Morning Dream).”

The band seems to move away from the previous reverb-laden guitar sound built with blurs of melody and cacophony, ‘white noise’ and ‘white light’, for gauzy, sensory, and mind-boggling atmospheric electronic landscapes, ruffled by unforeseen impulses of 6-string dissonance and tantalizing warm and wiggly basslines.

Beautiful esoteric lyrics observe the moment when one first awakens in the morning to harness wisdom and insight from shape-shifting perceptions.

Soft, fluid harmonious reveries rise and fall through enveloping and voluptuous iridescent synth pads, punctuated by a heart-throbbing groovy backdrop of steady bouncy beats and lithe rubbery bass pulses, to swell sinuously in swirling kaleidoscopic blankets of glittering oscillations and rippling echoing guitar strains over contemplative and dilated peaceful mind horizons, suddenly stabbed by a loud discordant flurry of distortion to instill a sense of dreary uncertainty, melting away into stacks of wistful tinkling chimes around stirring heartfelt vocals, piercing and caressing the soul with dreamy breathes of hope and lingering dread.

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