WL//WH Premiere: C.YSME “Monokubo” [Bella Ursa Recordings]

WL//WH Premiere  C.YSME  Bella Ursa Recordings

Always on the lookout for the unexpected, Bella Ursa Recordings is thrilled to unveil another wonder of astral delights: C.Ysme‘s debut album.

After many years wandering the realm of free parties, both as an aficionado and an activist, this multi-faceted artist is now tinkering with uncharted cinematic territories like a true sonic desperado. Taking the listener on a hypnotic journey of otherworldly psychedelicism and cybernetic rituals, “Pourpre” faithfully echoes the artist’s roots while offering a genuine, novel, immersive experience.

WL//WH is pleased to Premiere the track “Monokubo” by C.Ysme taken from his upcoming debut album “Pourpe” via Bella Ursa Recordings.

Perfect fit to warm up an imaginative DJ set with its immersive esoteric, lysergic and cinematic ambiance, “Monokubo”  unrolls cold, dark, fearful anticipation, to fuse ominous droning bass tones, swirling high-pitched echoes and reverbs, chilling pinpoint chimes, unexpected distortions, and eerie mechanical effects into magic, surreal exploration through soft pitter patters and slo-mo crisp, crackling percussions, layered with distant ritual shamanic hums, opening cybernetic portals toward shadow-self perceptions of insight and growth.

C.Ysme‘s upcoming debut album, “Pourpe”, will be released digitally on all platforms as well as on a custom-made UV-printed CD with an innovative see-through design, on April 5, 2023 via Bella Ursa Recordings.

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