WL//WH Video Of The Day: TAPEWORMS “IRL” (Official Video)

Video Of The Day   Tapeworms   

French three-piece band out of Lille, Tapeworms, made up of Margot Magnière (vocals, bass, synths) and brothers Eliott (drums) and Theo (guitar, synths) Poyer, have dropped a self-released single, “IRL”, as well as an accompanied official DIY music video, following their brilliant 2020 debut album, “Funtastic”, rife with increasingly electronic bents and Japanese pop culture fondness, somehow foreshadowed by the warped keyboards of the 2021 single “Magic Pierrot”, in which the shimmery distorted shoegaze guitar textures seem to have virtually vanished, evolving the already present retro-futuristic Stereolab nuances into a both imaginative and surreal, as well as multifaceted and kaleidoscopic sound, wobbling between honeyed Synth pop and ecstatic, vaguely psychedelic, off-kilter Indie Pop.

The song takes inspiration from “Haruhi Suzumiya” by Nagaru Tanigawa, a Japanese light novel about a group of sleuthing teens, whose alpha female leader has the supernatural ability to reshape reality.

Fanciful lyrics channel the luminary’s mindset by crafting bossy orders and playful observations into the impulsive whims of an impossible princess’ endless desires.

IRL” mesmerizes and teases the senses through an ethereal incantation of vocal bliss, livened up by stumbling shifting rhythm patterns, muffled pulsing bass lines, seasoned by a swirling tangle of dazzling synth pullulations, all strewn in swirling, quirky icy bright arcade and glitchy effects, to manifest a fusion of phantasm and reality with a mercurial blend of electronic computations encased in a cloud-like whimsical fantasy.

Imaginative DIY video, inspired by live cam websites, captures the Tapeworms’ ordinary lives and individual styles, whilst drawing mystery and curiosity alongside the narrative soundtrack. On-point acting, thoughtful, evocative attire, clever camera work, and an edgy metropolitan setting lie the perfect, organic parallel timeline to the adventurous anime crew of Tanigawa’s beloved tale.

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