WL//WH Premiere: EMIL MOONSTONE & THE ANOMALIES’ Dark Love Song “Safe Me” // “Naked is man upon the earth” LP Stream

WL//WH Premiere Emil Moonstone & The Anomalies

Emil Moonstone, the voice of Two Moons, returns with the apocalyptic “Naked is man upon the earth”, out March 3 on Seahorse Recordings. A wave and neo-folk journey into the future of humanity.

A staple for more than three decades in the Bologna Punk and Dark underground music scene, as the founder of several short-lived bands, the most relevant the Noise outfit South Breed Out in 1992, up to being co-founder, voice and ‘other soul’, along with Joshep Rips Asanda (European Ghost), of Two Moons, the still active Post-punk quartet with one EP and three albums under its belt, the Italian singer, musician, and composer Emil Moonstone started in 2018 a solo DIY project to explore different sonic realms, resulting in the highly appreciated debut full-length “Disappointed”, entirely written and played by himself, in February of the same year.

Started as live support to bring the new opus on the stage, The Anomalies, made up of Mino Andriani (guitar), Emanuele Laghi (synth, piano), and Ludovico Ingrao (drums), in 2023 finally became a full-time band with Moonstone on vocals, and consequently “Naked is man upon the earth”, the second album of Emil Moonstone & the Anomalies, took shape until the incoming release on the 3rd of March.

WL//WH is pleased to Premiere Emil Moonstone and his Anomalies‘ evocative illustrated video created by Moonstone himself, for the haunting and heady track “Safe Me”, along with the full stream of the band’s forthcoming sophomore LP, “Naked Is Man Upon the Earth”, via Seahorse Recordings.

Mesmeric immersive dimensions ignite exotic scents of piercing oriental-themed strings to open the senses into a parallel flow of perception, where slow pounding drum beats, magnetic, throbbing bass lines, and heavy murky waves of glistening guitar ripples, enhance the dark visions of vocal yearnings, as they inject harrowing suggestions into an environ of layered back-up whispers and shouts, falling helplessly into a nightmarish entanglement of pretense and fear.

The dramatic animated DIY visuals sync beautifully with the psychological nuances of the soundtrack by depicting a biographical romance to give insight into a multi-dimensional realm of interpersonal struggles. Evocative animation casts shadowy symbols and moody textures over a young, intimate couple, to explore the feelings of shame, alienation, and loneliness one might feel while they pretend to be strong, in order to get themselves, and a loved one, through a tough time.

Artwork by Stefano Bonazzi

Lyrics-wise, Naked Is Man Upon the Earth deepens the themes of “Disappointed” and tells of a world that sees us increasingly alone fighting in a bleak future due to the failure of the human race.

Musically, the songs unfold over piano arpeggios, where noise guitar riffs suddenly shift to ’70s and ’80s desert settings with surf-psychedelic excursions.

In this melancholic, visionary, and dreamlike album, Emil Moonstone and his Anomalies do not spare themselves and record all the inspirations, follies, extravagances, and impudences, with the research and care for sounds that distinguish them.

Moonstone again breaks the collective mold and makes a record for those who know how to stop and listen:

one of the reasons that has made man naked on earth is precisely the inability to appreciate things with due attention.<span class="su-quote-cite"><strong>he says</strong></span>

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