WL//WH Track Of The Day: BRYGGA TIO “Aldrig vaken / Never awake”

Track Of The Day Brygga Tio

After 3 ‘agonizing’ years of hiatus since their debut EP“Solsyster”, show up again brygga tio, the ‘skånsk pop’ (namely the music coming from the Southernmost Swedish province of Scania) duo based in Stockholm, made of Felix Hessel (vocals, guitar) and Kristofer Krook (synth, bass, programming), with the new single “Aldrig vaken /Never Awake”, this time ‘going deeper into their self-created genre Stuggaze, a dreamy mixture of pop sensibilities and dusty electronic sounds’.

Reflective lyrics ponder the meaning of life whilst yearning for another’s presence.

“Aldrig vaken” conveys a bewildered and disenchanted reverie of profound suggestion, amidst synthetic mists and meandering stirring harmonic echoes, radiates from blurry emotive oscillations, to build an immersive and thought-provoking aura of enveloping and introspective feelings, both bewitching and restless.

Overwhelming sadness and disappointment unravel in a stirring emotional tide constantly floating through warped humming, trembling somber reverberations and grainy murky textures to surround pensive vocals pondering with aching melancholy and longing, whilst lonely elongated buzzy dry brass tones swell wistfully alongside hypnotic shuffling and skipping percussions, penetrated by obsessive stacks of plaintive icy shiny synth stabs to arise, anxiously, in a full-bodied unraveling of brighter, stronger moods.

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