WL//WH Album Review: The Marvelous Debut Album “Lights In Forgotten Places” by KARMA VOYAGE


Karma Voyage

On January 27, Karma Voyage from Venice, Italy, published their marvelous debut album “Lights In Forgotten Places” through Icy Cold Records (FR) and Shyrec (IT). This fantastic record has 9 brand-new songs and you can get it Digitally, on CD, or Vinyl. The band is a  five-piece gang from Italy led by Luca Castellano on vocals and guitar, along with Giuseppe Brunetti (lead guitars), Leonardo Sebastiani (synths and keyboards), Stefano Anoè (drums), AIvise Scarpa (bass guitar), Karma Voyage sound like already share common visions together in their debut album.

A solid-sounding team of rock musicians who either follow the nod of their leader or better maybe, they shape their course together following the instinct of one, as wolves do. Because sonically these people craft the perfect blend of neo-psych rock, with post-wave oriented arrangements, and the shoegaze technique and adoration being in there and at times not so discreet but in the face – groovy, melodic, and with clear instructions on how to navigate the ship, either for the crew or not. About a month ago came out the official video of “Shine” which is a good example of their intentions.

Ιn the whole album, there is a certain “nordic” resonance around all the things in the studio, and I note this because the guys are from Italy…However, without wanting to do it on purpose, but especially their music in particular quite often leads them to “cold” layers, which is not only acceptable but also very attractive to their music – I was nicely surprised when I saw they feature in one song the singer of The Blue Angel Lounge, Nils Ottensmeyer, and the result is just fine!!!

Generally, it’s a great debut album, a gem that will appeal to many people because it doesn’t just bridge situations, but mixes things up with mastery and perspective and certainly with a lot of studies into what they do. It is a colorful record with music so nicely given and groovy a lot as well. I read in my EPK that “the musicians are painting the tracks with sounds coming from their different backgrounds, avoiding to be stuck on a single genre”, and I cannot tell you how much true and precise all that sentence sounds to their music; all correct and clear my friends but to reach to that point of creation needs also good talent, and our guests Karma Voyage put a lot of it in their team. Nothing else by me for now, here is “Lights In Forgotten Places” debut LP, listen to it loud!!!

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike


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