WL//WH ALBUM REVIEW: The Exciting Debut S/T LP by Berlin-based Post-punkers DAY CLINIC


Day Clinic, picture by @timdajan

On January 6, Day Clinic, the international gang based in Berlin published their debut S/T LP and I needed some time before I reviewed it. Not because I didn’t understand their blend, not because I needed more to convince me to sit down and write something about it, but simply because I was listening to it a lot, which shows the adventure I got into.

These four sound nomads who left their countries to find their own light in Berlin have written and orchestrated some 8 brand-new songs that are all quite impressive and dusty, occasionally murky, and groovy like hell. Day Clinic blends its raw alternative rock roots with some pretty sophisticated psychedelic progression in the likes of King Crimson and channeling all through the contemporary post-punk outfit’s sounds and visions – to never surrender to the listener but to challenge the person as if it is another member of their band in the jam.

In their songs, the band explores the topics of social alienation brought about by advanced technology, the fragility of existence in a world consumed by militaristic hatred, and the struggle to find mental stability. That’s why I guess their music is such an adventurous trip by all means, and as you heard in the previous song they have an interesting big palette of instruments and sounds. We are witnessing a current in our music that simply cannot limit itself and ok, as everything needs good timing, also the talent for such a leap is the required skill to jump beyond the boring horizon. And yeah, Day Clinic is a skilled band, try another one from their album…

Similar “experiments” like our guests today have been performed in the past and indeed successful and even though our times are the era of grouping in everything, there is this obvious current in many kinds of music which in any case is aiming somewhere else and surely without explanations – art needs no preface or fireworks.

If I wanted something different in this album? No, because I’m sure in the summer it will sound different alone and you understand what I’m saying. So, do a favor to yourselves and get this debut rock and roll strangeness and listen to it loud!!!

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Photo by July Space

Written by Loud Cities' Mike


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