WL//WH New Music: MINIMAL UNIT “Не по пути | Out of the Way”


Moscow based DarkWave / Minimal Synth soloist Minimal Unit returns to WL//WH with a thought-provoking new video for the new single “Не по п​у​т​и | Out of the Way”, a synth-laden song about insight, healing, and transcending beyond the toxicity of modern times.

Caught in the abyss of chaos and despair, we are trying to find an island of peace and security. By studying ourselves and those around us, we learn what should be left behind, and with what and with whom we are no longer on the way.

A heady exploration of minimal fragmented and crackling textures drive a warm bouncy bass line reiteration through an intoxicating fusion of steady mechanical crisp snares, warped sprawling anxious synth melodies, sad horn-like blows, and bewitching plaintive, ceremonial vocal airs, to invoke an enlightening vision of hope and peace.

Symbolic DIY visuals combine an intimate bedroom performance with curious outdoor wanderings and frenetic trace identities to show the lingering effects of emotional baggage. Visualized emotions disguised as white energetic swarms multiply and cling to an angsty soul whose desperate attempt at escape leads to sulking frustrations.

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