WL//WH New Music: NOVÌ LIDÈ’s 10 Year “Slavnost / Celebration”

New Music  NOVÌ LIDÈ  

Mejra Slejhar (vocals, lyrics, guitar and synthesizers) and René Tomaides (synthesizers) are Noví Lidé, a Dark Electro act based in Hradec Kralove, Czechia, who celebrate their ten-year anniversary as a band with a video by VJ Krajta & Noví Lidé for the riveting Coldwave-tinged song “Slavnost/Celebration.”

The text was written by Mejra Šlejhar and mirrors the unique writing style of the mid-19th century Czech poet K.J. Erben to describe a nervous bride through the eyes of a wedding guest.

The composition opens alternate planes of solemn moods with slow hypnotic, ritual drum beats over low trembling bass lines cast in droning icy synth effects whilst creeping psychedelic guitar ripples surround powerful ceremonial baritone vocals with immersive waves of warm sentient sensations.

A mesmeric hi-def black and white lyric video by VJ Krajta & Noví Lidé captures the multi-dimensional vibes of the soundtrack layering depth-defying water drops with translucent figures and burning bonfires to transfix the viewer with symbolic suggestions for life, death, and rebirth, in sync with the engaging lyrical fantasy.

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