WL//WH Track Of The Day: TROUBLE FAIT’ “Maybe Tomorrow”

Track Of The Day  TROUBLE FAIT’

Although active since the spring of 1986, the French Darkwave / Post-punk band TROUBLE FAIT’ only in the second half of the ’90s finally reached the long-awaited self-released debut mini-LP, to then back, through some line-up changes, in the following decade with a full studio album and 3 EPs, the last of which, “Appearance”, in January of 2021.

While remaining true to their ’80s-inflected, classic dark Post-punk roots, the three-piece provides a sharp, magnetic, and haunting sound, still always able to intrigue and amaze if create, as in their case, with such proficiency.

The new single, “Maybe Tomorrow”, contemplates procrastination through a lens of endless uncertainty, driven by broken and syncopated drum beats, played by Marco Soma of Mexican outfit Deliverance, and a menacingly rumbling and throbbing bassline, pierced by obsessive, barbed and sharp evocative guitar work, echoing the mourned Keith Levene’s dissonance, dripping agonizing pain, swept by frigid uncanny gusts of synths, over a strained, breathy vocal angst, wavering in and out of disconnected frequencies amid menacing whispers.

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