WL//WH Video Of The Day: FLUID GHOST “Persuasion”

Video Of The Day FLUID GHOST

Since 2021, the Italy-born Paris-based Dark Electronic artist and producer Adriano Iacoangeli (one half of Dark Wave duo  Echoberyl) under the Fluid Ghost moniker, drives his dark and decadent synth-driven dancefloor penchants with increasing command and sensual passion.

A vintage video clip for the opening track of his 2022 debut album “Persuasion Deluxe”, via his own DIY label Mother Solitude Records, hits the global airwaves almost simultaneously with the latest single “Black​-​eyed Girl.”

In sync with the dark fantasy vibes of the lyrics, the soundtrack brings to mind a misty strobing nightclub moved by atmospheric, buzzing bass pulsations and stomping beats, while distant lashes, and a variety of off-kilter, shivering, and obsessive effects unfold depth-defying dimensions around harsh whispered vocals, evoking feelings of shameful submission and sinful desire from an alluring master and servant erotica domain.

Psychological visuals blend memorable television commercials from the 1970s into a thought-provoking statement piece. Clever alternations between creepy distorted clowns and overly flirtatious women sets the stage for a subliminal manipulation, where a longing for sex and love quickly shifts into an inclination or fear for safety and adrenaline, perverting an unsophisticated mindset with a lifelong dementia of emotional and physical disorders.

The bouncy and vocoder-streaked “Black​-​eyed Girl”, ‘a special song about a very special person’, paired with the C Remix propelled by a killer groovy undulating bassline, will definitely get you dancing into the shadowy late night hours.

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