WL//WH Track Of The Day: TUVABAND “Rejuvenate”

Track Of The Day TUVABAND

After its remote beginnings around 2017 with the UK musician Simon Would, Tuvaband is increasingly developing as the multifaceted spellbinding solo project of Norwegian songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser.

With three albums behind her, the last “Growing Pains & Pleasures” in 2021, the Berlin-based artist has reached a harmonious songwriting and instrumental maturity, teetering between folk introspection, post-rock flare, dreamy shoegaze and dreampop ethereality.

Inspiring lyrics encourage patience, reflection, and breath to “Rejuvenate” from past trauma.

Led by steady, nimble drum beats, cut by tinny dry percussive hits, “Rejuvenate” shifts and swirls in slow dreamlike sequences of rarefied and reflective iridescent palpitations, vibrating amid glaring keyboard drifts, multifaceted shimmering atmospheric guitar echoes, resonant glistening swooning strains and chilly eddies of melancholic and penetrating emotive ripples in an organic contemplative ebb and late urgent soaring flow, haunted by angsty droning low ends, around crushed, heartfelt vocals, breezing soul-stirring moods through a serene, twinkling catharsis of heartfelt compassion.

An atmospheric shining soothing sway into the depths of the soul to discover inner wisdom through the subconscious realms of insight and perception.

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