WL//WH Track Of The Day: NIGHTS TEMPLAR “Perversion”

Track Of The Day  Nights Templar 

Two brand new tracks from the enigmatic, yet not a soloist as I thought at first, Long Beach, California-based act Nights Templar, soaked with latent and secluded grey-scaled sullen depression, in sharp contrast with the incoming sun-drenched summery outdoors.

As far as I remember, or possibly my earphones work better, less fuzzed-out and distorted than usual, yet still an intriguing minimal blend of Cold Wave sounds suggestions, introspective ’80s Post-punk aesthetics and faint heartfelt moody melodies, enveloped in a muted and misty reflective darkness.

The first song “Perversion​” deals with disenchanted lyrics brooding in a lost and lonely realm of awakened alienation to ask the hopeless question, “Is it real that we stay in the dark?”.

The relentless sinuous organic throbs of a broody, rubbery and melodic bassline, reminiscent of The Go-Betweens’ “Cattle and Cane”, punctuated by the steady lilt of dry snares, and intermittently encircled by harsh, desolate and whimsical synth meanderings, infuse a perpetual rippling somber aura of torn emotions, embodied by haunted numb vocals and final dramatic voice clips, releasing tragic pain into icy sadness.

The flip, ​“Puffy And Pale”, sways through a moping bed of bass pulsations to induce stirring moods of bittersweet yet aching wistful contemplation, in a washed-out synth lullaby for tormented introverted souls.

Nights Templar‘s new 2-track single “Perversion​/​Puffy And Pale” is available in Digital and Ltd. Cassette formats via the band’s Bandcamp on their own label Reapo Records.